Leni Robredo Fails

Leni Robredo Fails

Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky


As can be expected, based on her performance since being inaugurated as second fiddle in the executive branch, she has continued to produce NOTHING. All she ever does is face the camera and release nonsense after nonsense which the mainstream media is perpetuating and peddling as truth.
But hold your horses. Bastante ya.
Excuse me, alleged VP Robredo. Do not grandstand to mainstream media and the few remaining gullible members of the public that the relief operations and power restorations are slow considering you did NOTHING to aid the Filipinos in this calamity. You are a nuisance and NOTHING to the force that is helping Filipinos recover and get relief from this tragedy.
You were not on site hours after the typhoon made landfall. In fact you knew a typhoon was about to hit the country as you boarded the plane. You did not return immediately to Manila from your alleged one-year in the making family reunion despite the overwhelming number of available flights back. You pretended to coordinate a disaster response which was phony and led to NOTHING. You and your team released fake images of DSWD goods being coursed through your useless office which was disproven by Sec Taguiwalo. Desvergonzada.
You are detrimental to the progress, relief and future happiness of the Filipino. You represent division, laziness, callousness and ignorance in public service.
We deserve better. We do not want you in our government. Please go back to wherever it is you crawled out of and continue being NOTHING there where you cannot harm our country anymore.




Let’s be real. If Duterte is your president today, Leni can no longer be your VP. She demonizes the administration and most especially the president. It is one thing to be the voice of the opposition and quite another to be a source of oppression and a destructive force in government. She is not only not part of the solution, she is plainly part of the problem. She reiterates this in every single word and move she makes. It is now up to every single one of us. Who do we choose? As for me, I am with the president so Leni is not my VP.
P.S. until a conclusive recount ends the matter on possible electoral fraud, her attempt to oppose (yet again) BBM’s protest in search for the truth makes Leni the enemy of democracy too.

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