EDSA: Fallen Heroes

EDSA: Fallen Heroes

Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky
The Aquinos rose to stratospheric fame from the People Power Movement of 1986. They claimed the prize for the struggle that the multitudes risked and lost lives for. They stood over the ordinary Filipino’s shoulders and stole a spot in history.

Ninoy Aquino was a man driven to his death by his insatiable greed for power. He bartered away our claims to parcels of our ancestral lands to rally support against Marcos (http://www.philstar.com/headlines/2013/03/13/918984/ninoy-vowed-drop-sabah-claim-get-kl-support-vs-marcos?nomobile=1). He would see the Philippines fractured, falter and fail in his quest for power. Even when Marcos showed him clemency after being sentenced to death by the courts, he would not stop. He came back to the Philippines not as a hero but a man feverishly lost in his desire for greatness. Only death gave him the peace which eluded him in life.

Cory Aquino is the weeping widow and would-be saint of EDSA. With her hands, she fashioned a government that reinvigorated the oligarchy and bled the masses. From restoring to her yellow coterie the properties legally procured by the Marcoses for the Philippines (http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/95241/news/nation/letters-prove-marcos-didn-t-sequester-meralco-from-lopezes) to the blood bath that is the Mendiola Massacre (http://bulatlat.com/main/2014/01/20/blood-rush-over-bloodbaths-still-killing-and-dying-for-hacienda-luisita/), she gave the scars that serve as a permanent reminder of the failure of EDSA. What delusions then would make anyone hail her as a hero of democracy let alone its saint.

Noynoy Aquino has the unique distinction of surpassing his parents infamy. Through him, their dark legacy was finally brought to light. He has made himself out as the antithesis of his father’s aggression and the next step in evolution of his mother’s incompetence and passivity. His regime started with the Manila hostage tragedy which saw the deaths of several Hongkong nationals and our diplomatic relations with China. This he took to cataclysmic heights by refusing to resolve the South China Sea dispute through diplomatic channels with qualified personnel. He used backdoor dealings with devious and self-serving personalities with vested political and economic interests-Trillanes and Pangilinan. Then he pushed this strained conversation even further by filing a unilateral case against China (https://thegreedbank.wordpress.com/about/). He has set the stage for a war that we could not hope to survive. Internally, his dearth of personal intimacies saw him sire narco trade and politics, the collapse of the MRT, the spate of institutionalized criminality like the “Tanim-bala”, Riding-in-Tandem, DAP and PDAF scams, License Cards and Plate fiascos, and the SAF44, Al-Barka and #BigasHindiBala massacres. These highlighted his apathy to the plight of the poor as well as his willingness to overlook and even support his errant friends in key government positions to the detriment of the country.

Bambam Aquino has decided to champion causes like the censorship of social media in collusion with a blogsite which has duped the SEC and the public (http://www.thinkingpinoy.net/2017/02/spo4-pia-ranadas-rappler-constitution-failing-bankrupt.html?m=1) along with further dehumanizing the poor through a bill that will force food establishments to give them scraps and leftovers. He walks the same dark alley with his progenitors-a path that would see our nation on its broken, bloodied and calloused knees begging from its oligarchy and other foreign states.
Throughout the grim narrative of what the Aquino family has contributed to our nation’s past, the Filipinos have remained vigilant in its struggle, in its desire for democracy. What happened in EDSA was the unity of purpose and passion of the country which was stolen by one family.
On the 31st anniversary of the People Power Movement, we will once again come together as a nation, one with our brothers and sisters in the far reaches of the globe, the Filipino diaspora. We will reclaim what was stolen from us in EDSA and begin anew in Luneta at the Quirino Grandstand. We will celebrate our victory in the last May elections, a triumph that has returned democracy and the true meaning of service back to the people.
We will no longer remember fallen heroes that bore nary a care for our people nor for our country. We will revise this moment in history this Saturday with our presence, our jubilation, our unity. The People Power Movement is ours. It is our legacy.

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