You ain’t seen nothing yet

You ain’t seen nothing yet

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Sen. Antonio Trillanes should be the last person to complain against criticisms for at least two reasons.

First, he can always take legal action like the libel case he filed against Asec Mocha Uson.

Obviously, the case is an attempt not only to muzzle Uson but also send a warning to other critics. This, of course, is wishful thinking.

And yet, it is strange that the people who have scored Pres. Rody Duterte whenever he mouths invectives against critics saying this was a threat to freedom of expression are ominously silent when Trillanes actually takes a step to stifle that same freedom.

Second, he has been a resident bully in the Senate. Remember how he treated the late Sec. Angelo Reyes who eventually committed suicide?

Former Ambassador Sonia Brady suffered a stroke after attending a meeting with Chinese officials and Trillanes.

And how about the resource persons he roasted because of their affiliations to former VP Jojo Binay?

In fact, even his fellow senators have not been spared of his boorish behavior that many times threatened to disrupt Senate proceedings.

What do you do when a heckler tries to hush other people because he gets irritated by noise? What does he expect?

If he thinks the criticisms against his reckless and irresponsible accusations not only against Pres. Duterte but also those remotely identified with him, Trillanes has another think coming.

The problem with him and the yellows is that they have come out with an unwritten rule where only they can criticize but they cannot be criticized in return.

When were you folks born?

Isaac Newton’s third law on motion is as relevant in discourses as it is in physics: for every action, there is equal and opposite reaction.

Trillanes might as well start listening to Randy Bachman classic lines that was the title of a smashing Bachman Turner Overdrive hit: “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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