Aj Mulach is engaged

Aj Mulach is engaged

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Actor Adrian Joseph ‘AJ’ Muhlach and his long-time girlfriend Anna Mabasa are now engaged. Muhlach publicly announced the proposal through Instagram, posting a photo of him putting a ring on the finger of his soon-to-be-wife with an accompanying caption expressing his affection for Mabasa.

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He wrote:

At last, I’m… engaged to my ‘EVERYTHING’. All my life I always try to find MEANING on everything that happens in my life to the point where I QUESTION why I was even born. I had answers. But those ANSWERS only brought more questions. Then, I met you. My first ‘concluding’ ANSWER. An answer that didn’t bring more questions. You brought certainty to my doubts.. With you came what being genuinely happy and truly caring for someone means. Why I should do things in my life that were meaningless to me. And why this and that happens. You gave all of them MEANING.”

“Your voice became my conscience that speaks to me whenever I do anything from the tiniest of things to the hardest decisions of my life. You became my driving force. My inspiration. My motivation. My happiness, my Baby, my Love, my Soulmate, My Anna – My ‘EVERYTHING’. Thank you my love. I hope I made you happy last July 8, 2018. This is for all the answers, meanings and everything you brought to me. I love you so much!”

Mabasa also shared the same photo, with her own caption where she comments on how their relationship has been 8 years in the making.

Muhlach is an actor on the popular television series “The Blood Sisters”, previous to that, he had a role on “La Luna Sangre”.

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