Americans, you don’t get to call my President a ‘murderous thug’

Americans, you don’t get to call my President a ‘murderous thug’

by Dr. Lorraine T. Badoy

And while we’re at it, baket napakapakelamera ng mga Onaks sa atin these days? Pansin nyo?

Eh nuong aliping sagigilid lang nila tayo (like FOR ALL TIME until Duts pulled the plug on them), miski pa anong karumaldumal na pinagagagawa ni Noynoy and company, kebs lang si Chelseang luka luka.

Minsan lang kasi makatikim ng “Fuck you” ang mga lecheng yan. Sa totoo lang, kulang pa ang “fuck you” na yan sa kanila for all their crimes to humanity.

Which is why Chelsea Clinton’s calling our President a ‘murderous thug’ is rich, just real rich–coming, as it does, from a citizen of a country whose crimes against the Filipino people are legion.

Never mind that she is a daughter of a former president–someone who, supposedly, went to some of the world’s best schools.

Just goes to show what I’ve known for quite some time now: those Ivy League schools are elitist breeding grounds for some of the world’s biggest, most arrogant, IGNORANT hypocrites whose hearts have not been schooled so they think themselves above everyone and that is their place to run roughshod over anyone and to do damn well as they please–with not an ounce of self-examination so they look like fools with their amusing pronouncements bereft of the simplest of reflection.

Keepers of the rotten status quo because they’re the ones who stand to gain the most with the keeping of things as they are.

Chelsea not-my-dear, open a history book–come on, open one that’s not been penned by your revisionists–the ones who created this “America, the Great White Hope”– and you will see just how bloodstained your hands are with Filipino blood.

So yeah, you have the right to be pissed solid with that rape joke. Knock yourself out. Even I’m pissed solid by it.

But you, an American, don’t get to call my President a ‘murderous thug’, being, as you are, a citizen of the world’s #1 murderous thug.

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