Another misleading headline from (who else) ABS-CBN

Another misleading headline from (who else) ABS-CBN

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Ayan na naman ang ABS-CBN! One of my readers shared to me his analysis of how ABS-CBN is once again slanting news to delegitimise Duterte. The reader asked to remain anonymous

The glaring headline reads: Duterte policy shift drags business confidence: central bank

However, reading through the article this isn’t exactly what the Central Bank said.

The Central Bank actually cited 4 reasons for the slip in over-all business confidence index:

1. Perceived concerns over the direction of foreign policies (Notice the use of the adjective “perceive”. Perception is not really within anyone’s control)

2. Weakening global demand (Not really within the control of the President)

3. Foreign exchange losses due to peso depreciation (Again not within any President’s control and the Philippines is not the only country experiencing depreciation due to strengthening of the US dollar)

4. Lack of supply of raw materials (Not directly within President’s control though he can do something about it through the DTI)

My issue with this article is not that it is absolutely false, but the way that it is presented. At first glance you would tend to believe this ABS-CBN article saying that even the Central Bank is saying that President Duterte is bad for business when it isn’t exactly what the Central Bank said.

GMA Network, Tama o #HindiTama ?

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