Has anyone seen Koko Pimentel’s balls?

Has anyone seen Koko Pimentel’s balls?

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Koko Pimentel, the long runored president of the senate seems to have misplaced his balls. This is the only logical explanation we could come up with for the clusterfuck that the senate has become during his term.

Since riding on the coat tails of President Duterte to snag the leadership of the senate, Pimentel has yet to act like he deserves the seat. So far he has been content to act the role of designated of whoever has claim on his manhood.

After spectacularly losing control of Leila de Lima and allowing her to use the institution as her own personal mouthpiece, Pinentel has capped that with an encore absentee performance that has left many people wondering where the fuck he is at this most crucial of times.

Make no mistake about it, the shit storm that’s going on right now in the senate is primarily due to his unparalleled incompetence as a senate president. And the only way to solve it is for Koko, to either grow some balls, or hand the leadership over to someone who already has them.

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