ATTENTION: United Nations, United Nations Human Rights, European Parliament

ATTENTION: United Nations, United Nations Human Rights, European Parliament

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Please listen to the true voice of the Filipinos, the 91% of our population, who wholeheartedly support President Duterte, his administration and his war on drugs. We have long been suffering under the drug menace and drug related crimes which fluorished through the auspices of narcocops, narcopoliticians and a weak Yellow president and his administration. Today, we have begun to feel safe and hopeful because of the strong support from our new president, president Duterte. We support him fully in his fight against drugs and corruption.

The truth is that, crimes and crime-related deaths have become lower since Duterte became our president unlike the black propaganda being peddled by our Commissioner of Human Rights Chito Gascon, Senator Leila De Lima (in jail for allegedly being part of the drug trade), alleged Vice President Leni Robredo and Filipino journalists whose only concern is to grab power from our democratically elected leader.

Do not destabilize my government and my country. Do not play into the dark schemes of the losing political party whose only wish is to return to power.

We sincerely hope that you respect our sovereignty, our democracy and our own determination of our way of life.

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