Atty. Darwin Cañete stood up to Frank Drilon – and it was awesome

Atty. Darwin Cañete stood up to Frank Drilon – and it was awesome

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Watching the senate circus and that parade of clowns tripping over themselves to get the most media mileage and score the most pogi points, the best part for me was when Atty. Darwin Cañete laid the smack down on Frank Drilon.

Using innuendos and unverified rumors (which I will not repeat here lest they gain some sort of legitimacy) Drilon repeatedly tried to pin Atty. Cañete down. All without much success. For one thing, the assistant city prosecutor from Caloocan city refused to be cowed by the Liberal Party’s chief flunky.

Standing toe to toe with the former justice secretary and senate president, Cañete refused to dignify Drilon’s ridiculous accusations and demanded to know the identity of his anonymous sources. In the face of the challenge, Drilon had no choice but to slink away – curly tail tucked between his legs.

The exchange is emblematic of the new role of the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines – that of a college of bullies and publicity hungry politicians whose main function seems to revolve around an endless stream of pointless investigations and inquiries that are not worth anywhere near the resources that the government spends on them.

No wonder people have grown sick and tired of these characters. No wonder there is a growing clamor to end the tyranny of these twenty four entitled, puffed-up government employees who do nothing but waste the taxpayers time and money. And Drilon is among the worst of the lot.

The irony of it all is that, while the investigation was ostensibly for the purpose of finding justice for Kian delos Santos, the shameless grandstanding of Drilon, Bambam Aquino, and Risa Hontiveros has brought the country no nearer to the truth than when they first started. In fact, basing on the comments of those who watched the proceedings, many more people felt that the investigation served no other purpose than as a venue for empty politicking.

But with more and more extraordinary citizens like Atty. Cañete refusing to buckle down to bullying of these “honorable” members of the senate, it won’t be long before Drilon and his ilk will realize that the days when they can lord it over the rest of us is over. Tapos na ang mga maliligayang araw ninyo mga putang ina kayo.

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