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After the BPI and Metrobank fiascos, can the BSP assure us that our deposits are safe?

Are our deposits safe? This is the question that popped into my mind as I read the reports on how Metrobank – the country’s second largest bank – ...
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Five interesting on-line courses you can take for free

Feature Technology
Have you ever thought of taking an on-line course but was just to busy to pick one? Are you looking to give your career a jumpstart by adding more ...
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RP GDP growth faster under Duterte than previous administrations

Data released by the Department of Finance shows that the Philippines’ GDP had a robust 6.68 percent growth rate for the first nine months of the Duterte administration, ...
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RIP Direk Soxie Topacio, 65

Entertainment News
Award winning director Soxie Topacio has passed away at 65. According to his niece, Zarah Toapacio, her uncle died of lung cancer at De Los Santos Medical Centre ...
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Another anomaly at the ERC – Php 1.5 million for renovation of chairman’s office?

More and more details are emerging about ERC Chairman Jose Vicente Salazar’s suspension, with the latest discovery being connected with his lavish spending on renovations to his office ...
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Did a holdover from PNoy admin try to sabotage Meralco’s 7-Billion peso refund?

“How to screw consumers” – this may very well be the legacy that embattled ERC Chairman Jose Vicente Salazar will leave behind at the powerful regulatory body. Already ...

Did illegal deals fund the European vacation of suspended ERC Chairman?

New details are now emerging in connection with the 90-day suspension imposed on ERC Chairman Jose Vicente Salazar by Malacañang, which came barely a week after Salazar’s return ...
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Adventures in Digongland art exhibit opens in SM on January 3

We are living in a controversial time when the six-month old Duterte administration is using all its efforts to live up its campaign promise of change. The information ...
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Bringing new life to New Manila

You can’t visit New Manila and not give a nod to the neighborhood’s unique vibe. Given its history, it’s only natural that the personality of the area shines ...
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Serious questions about the Bangladesh bank heist remain

A group of Bangladeshi officials recently paid a visit to the Philippines to collect the US$ 15 million that the government recovered from thieves who hacked into their ...
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