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ATTENTION: United Nations, United Nations Human Rights, European Parliament

Please listen to the true voice of the Filipinos, the 91% of our population, who wholeheartedly support President Duterte, his administration and his war on drugs. We have ...
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#NAGASPEAKS: a bee in your bonnet

There are some questions that remain unanswered about the Robredos’ and their claims of having the love and unwavering support of Bicol. 1. When the late DILG secretary, ...
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On the end of Moro rebels’ struggle against the government

I am crying over breakfast yet again. Why must President Duterte do this to me almost every day. The long suffering and strife of yet another long forsaken ...
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Levant and Couchant

Life News Opinion Philippines Politics
Yesterday, De Lima’s lawyers trooped to the Supreme Court in a bid to remove her from her detention in Camp Crame. The charges against her are: 1) allegedly ...
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Feature Featured Life Opinion Philippines Politics
The wealth of history and the history of wealth used by the church and church leaders to manipulate governments and nations that have caused the suffering and oppression ...
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Legacy of Laughter: Manila Improv Festival 2017

Entertainment Family Feature Featured Life World
Taking a respite from the tedium of daily life is a challenge. Work, school, gym, friends and even family may sometimes become just another cog in the well-oiled ...
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EDSA: Fallen Heroes

Feature Opinion Philippines Politics
The Aquinos rose to stratospheric fame from the People Power Movement of 1986. They claimed the prize for the struggle that the multitudes risked and lost lives for. ...
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Feature Hugot Life Opinion Peace Philippines Politics
FAR CRY FROM EDSA The promises made in EDSA have dissipated under the toxic yellow, mother and son administrations we have had to endure and everything else in ...
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Feature Hugot Life Philippines Politics
The Yellow government and its allies, despite their interminable hatred for the Marcoses’ plundering, have only ever mastered one skill since being in power. That is stealing. They ...
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We Are Bullfighters (Somos Toreros)

Feature Hugot Life News Opinion Philippines Politics Relationships
Torear (to bullfight) has inevitably become the role of a Dutertista. We take up our weapons daily to fight off the raging bulls written and spoken by the ...
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