Beauty and the Beast and their make-up collection

Beauty and the Beast and their make-up collection

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OMG. As if it’s not enough that I’ve been waiting a year for the movie to come out, I’ve just learned that the upcoming Beauty and the Beast (starring Emma Watson, nnnnnngh ?) will be releasing its own cosmetic line, courtesy of L’Oréal.

The collection includes seven to-die-for shades of lipstick – all of them character-inspired, of course – and nail polish to match. Perfect perfect perfect for transforming from Beast to Beauty (or vice versa, since I’m really digging the Beast shade too) all day, every day, any damn day.

There is, however, one catch: IT WILL ONLY BE RELEASED IN ITALY. Via Amazon. ???

I’m hoping against all hopes that, like a love that’s – sing with me now – truuuue as it can beeeee?, it will somehow find its way to me… And fine, the Philippines. ??
 While we’re waiting for the perfect prince (or perfect friend) to bring these home to us, let’s first ogle at the perfectly packaged, beautifully designed lipsticks/nail polish and their Disney-inspired shades:

1. Belle ??

2. Beast ??

3. Mrs. Potts ☕️

4. Lumiere ?

5. Plumette ??

6. Cogsworth ?

7. The Enchanted Rose ?

In a perfect world, I’d be a queen and wear one of these lippies while watching its fairy tale inspiration. But since I’m a mere mortal with zero contacts in Italy (or Europe, for that matter), I’ll just go back to my original plan of gushing while waiting for the movie release. After all, since when was the much-anticipated remake of the ?tale as old as tiiiiiime? not enough?? March 17, please come sooner. ?

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