Bitanga Bitanga Bitanga

Bitanga Bitanga Bitanga

by Charles Englund

- in Opinion

So now we know the real owner of Rappler. Mining and property magnate Benjamin Bitanga.

From B Tiglao: “Bitanga’s official stake in Rappler is through his firm called Dolphin Fire Group. I was told that the equity of other major stockholders appearing in Rappler’s corporate reports—board chairman Manuel Ayala and CEO Maria Ressa—are actually insignificant, and they are essentially employees.

Rappler’s worst and most damaging black propaganda against the Duterte administration—and the country—has been its fabrication in its article posted September 11, 2016, that as of that date, the number of drug-related extra-judicial killings (EJKs) under Duterte totaled 7,080.

That false number has been quoted as a fact by nearly all Western media and by Human Rights Watch, consequently claiming that Duterte’s war against drugs has resulted in a mass murder in the country. The figure has been used to extrapolate the number of EJKs to this day, so much so that a “10,000” figure for April has been reported in a US newspaper. Rappler’s articles in fact were the most cited “evidence” in the nuisance case filed by an obscure lawyer at the International Criminal Court against Duterte and 11 other officials for “mass murder” in our country.

It’s either a testament to our democratic system or to Bitanga’s audacity, that while he owns the anti-Duterte news site, his major businesses all require government cooperation.”

Hmmm. Why does the government do business with its deemed enemies and critics? Do all his mines observe proper mining environmental protocols? Why is Mr. Bitanga funding Rappler which is hemorrhaging money in yearly losses? Why doesn’t the owner tell his employees to be better journalists and get their facts straight?

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