Bring back We Are Collective’s FB Page

Bring back We Are Collective’s FB Page

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We Are Collective’s official FB page was removed by Facebook because it was mass reported by the political opposition who are scared of hearing dissent and the truth. This is on top of the suspended personal account of Andy Guerrero. So both of their pages are deactivated.
Fake ‘We Are Collective’ pages are now up to confuse their followers. Please do not follow or like any other We Are Collective pages. If the number of followers is below 100k, it is a fake page meant to mislead and misinform the public. FAKE PO MGA YON.

Please write a letter to FB’s Katie Harbath and post it through her FB page to reactivate We Are Collective’s real page which is @collectivephil. Katie is FB’s global head of Politics. Please look for her FB page and write her a CONVINCING BUT RESPECTFUL (i.e. NOT RUDE OR VULGAR) letter to explain why the real We Are Collective’s (@collectivephil) page must be back online.

1. Look for Kati Harbath’s FB page
2. Go to ‘message’
3. Post your letter in it

Here’s a sample (gawa kayo ng sarili para hindi bot ang dating):
“Dearest Katie,
We ask that you please help We Are Collective (@collectivephil) and Andy Guerrero, online political commentators, which are among the strongest voices in Philippine politics, to regain their FB pages which were mass reported by members and followers of the Opposition. They have not used hate speech in any of their posts. In the interest of free speech and true freedom, please allow us to hear their voices again. You may review their pages for yourself to see that they have not posted anything illegal.”

SAMPLE LETTER PO ITO. Baguhin ninyo ng kaunti para hindi akalaing “bots” ang nagpapdala ng letters sa kanya.

Let us all send Katie Harbath letters. The sooner, the better. More is more is better. Let’s all do this now so we can all read their explosive revelations again.

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