We Are Bullfighters (Somos Toreros)

We Are Bullfighters (Somos Toreros)

Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky

Torear (to bullfight) has inevitably become the role of a Dutertista. We take up our weapons daily to fight off the raging bulls written and spoken by the anti-Duterte ranch. They come charging with malice and deceit hoping to take down a prized fighter. But we are all engaged in this corrida de torros and we are not backing down.

Armed with facts, wit and logic, we will vanquish their bullshit and bullying point by point. We will take no bull anymore.

Our picadores (lance attackers) will engage and attack from a distance. They bring the flair and fire that initially weaken the raging lies that are presented in mainstream media by corrupt journalists and narco-politicians. They wave the flags of free speech and democracy. But some of us stand in the front, matadores (bull killers). We carry our puntilla (sword) ready to severe the spine of their fake news and obfuscations. With razor sharp wit, facts and language, the bull will fall.

Rappler has been acting like a bull in a china shop.

  1. They have published attacks on Mocha Uson Blog, Sec Aguiire and Sen A. P. Cayetano for supporting President Duterte.The last of which, an “unapproved” badly written gif, would make any grade schooler blush in shame. While, they are, themselves, sycophants of Leni Robredo.
  2. They have been making unverifiable accusations against Sec Andanar, Thinking Pinoy and Sass Rogando Sasot as misusing government funds. While, they have had dubious financial infusions from foreign investors which clearly violate our constitution.
  3. They have a hostile cyber environment where they freely censor contrarian views and publicly shaming their readers. While, they launch a hypocritical #NoPlaceforHate campaign.
  4. They have acted pedantically regarding journalism. While, they are incapable of showing its most basic qualities-investigative, ethical, balanced, witty.
  5. Their founder and CEO has been polluting the halls of the senate campaigning for cyber censorship. While, they pretend to defend free speech.

We do not resort to censorship. We will meet every bull head on. There are no indultados (bull pardon). If it’s a lie, it will die.

Unfortunately for Rappler, social media is filled with cyber matadors waiting to take it down for love, for honor, #fortheMotherland.

So brace yourself, Dutertistas or matadores de toros. The lines are drawn and their bulls are waiting to be slaughtered.

Vamos, toreros.

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