Can you be dragged out of an overbooked flight in the Philippines?

Can you be dragged out of an overbooked flight in the Philippines?

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DAVAO CITY, April 19, 2017 — What happens when your flight in a Philippine carrier gets overbooked? Can you also be dragged out of the plane in the same way a United passenger was?

Charo Logarta-Lagamon, corporate communications director of Cebu Pacific, assures us that this cannot happen. Here’s why:

1. We have a very strong passenger bill of rights. “The US is actually patterning its own passenger bill of rights to ours,” Lagamon says. You can read a summary of the bill of passenger rights here.

2. Even if there is overbooking, once you’re inside the plane you cannot be forced to disembark. “If there is overbooking, the policy is you don’t drag (anyone out). If you’re already inside the plane, there’s no way (you can be forced out). You’re already there.

Yes overbooking happens. But for the passengers who are willing to volunteer… if you want to take another flight you actually get something in return. You get a travel voucher.

The most important thing is you volunteer, you are not dragged or forced to do it.”

Watch Ms. Lagamon explain this at a press conference at the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao today (April 19, 2017):

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