Chinese boats to help vs piracy, says Duterte

Chinese boats to help vs piracy, says Duterte

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DAVAO CITY, January 31, 2017 — President Rodrigo Duterte today said the Chinese Navy and Coast Guard will help patrol international waters for vessels transporting drugs and other activities such as piracy.

The President made the announcement during the confirmation of officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in Malacañang Palace this afternoon.

I also asked China that they can patrol the international waters without necessarily intruding into the territorial waters of countries. We would be glad if they have their presence there,” he said.

The presence of Chinese vessels patrolling international waters would deter pirates and other criminals from conducting illegal activities, Duterte said.

Hindi naman kailangan gray ships eh, sabi ko maski iyong coast guard cutter and just to patrol like what they did in Somalia, tumulong sila,” he added.

Duterte said while piracy in areas like Somalia has toned down, the Philippines and neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia are currently facing the problem along the Malacca Strait.

Dito sa Malacca Strait, pati dito sa Sulu Sea remains to be a big problem. And kung masara iyan diyan, either they go up to the north and if they are headed for Mexico down south or dito kung magdaan mas malapit, which would mean higher cost, higher freight, higher insurance, it adds up to the goods and the services that governs the world. It’s always goods and services,” Duterte said.

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