Chinese tourist throws taho at cop over MRT rules

Chinese tourist throws taho at cop over MRT rules

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Chinese national Jiale Zhange was arrested for throwing her cup of taho at a police officer detailed at the MRT. Photo from DOTr-MRT.

A Chinese tourist was arrested today after assaulting a police officer detailed at the MRT-3’s Boni station with taho.

The suspect, identified as Jiale Zhange, 23, reportedly turned her snack into a projectile in order to best vent her frustration at the officer who wouldn’t let her take it on the train. On this fateful Saturday morning, the train station was turned into a crime scene – there was tapioca splattered all over the floor and the side of the beep machine, the smell of sticky sugar syrup hung heavy in the air, the plastic cup lay discarded and empty.

And Police Officer 1 William Cristobal, who provoked Zhang to the point of violence by asking her to finish her drink before entering, was left covered in taho.

Witness the scene here:

Photo by Pau Mesias via Facebook.

The incident was documented by citizen reporter Pau Mesias, who posted a collection of photos showing the woman, the taho, the police officer, and then the consequences. Mesias pointed out in his caption that Zhang is a tourist in the country and that she should be more respectful of the rules here.

Zhang is still detained in the Mandaluyong police headquarters. She’s facing charges of disobedience to a person in authority and unjust vexation.

Food and beverages are strictly prohibited on the MRT-3. Commuters may enjoy the selection offered by food stalls located at the station’s entrance, before the BEEP machines, but they must consume or dispose of these before entering the station proper. The MRT-3’s management has even cracked down further on what liquids passengers can take into train system. The added safety measures may be additional trouble for commuters who will have to be more mindful of what they’re bringing in their bags, but at their heart they are just safety measures designed to make sure everyone has a safe and comfortable commute. Not letting food into the train cars isn’t to prevent bombings, but it lets management ensure that passengers won’t make a mess or bother others with pungent dishes. The rules are simple and the rules work. They did on Saturday morning when they prevented Ms. Zhang from boarding the train.

So, thank you PO1 Cristobal for doing your duty and protecting the riders of the MRT-3 this terrible, terrible woman. Anyone who would throw a cup of soy pudding at a man just doing his job is probably also someone who wouldn’t bother letting others alight before boarding.

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