Chokepoints of Positive Change

Chokepoints of Positive Change

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1) Mainstream media is diminishing our government’s international legitimacy through a well-orchestrated attack on the president’s person, focus on the EJKs, and concealment of the successes in agriculture, housing, health care, disaster relief, social welfare, peace talks and education.
This is similar to how Qaddafi, Hussein, Castro and Assad were demonized by the international press to the consternation of their countries, and paved the way for the destruction of their sovereignty and plunged them into war. Lee Kuan Yew was constantly bad-mouthed by the press as well but his iron-clad will and support from Singaporeans prevented America and the UN’s interference.
Media is choking positive changes from being known internationally.
2) LP legislators are continuing the culture of impunity and mendicancy that two Aquino administrations have enshrined. They are blocking justice from taking its course through diverting focus during committee hearings. They are preventing the decentralization of power and resources through a shift to a parliamentary-federalism government. They are holding back development in industry by dallying the constitutional change that would allow investors ease. They would rather have aid than business partnerships and loans.
This perpetuation of a flawed system and the socially unjust status quo is characteristic of caciques, elites and wanna-be elites. People’s hardships and suffering are built into the 1987 Constitution.
LP legislators are choking positive changes from happening locally.
3) The CBCP is destroying the moral fiber of society by supporting a sexual predator, thieves in power, and their own avaricious brethren. They have forgotten that there are 10 Commandments not just 1. They have been blasting from the pulpit and plastering on the walls of the Baclaran church their condemnation of the EJKs. EJKs are reprehensible indeed which is why the PNP and other government agencies are actively pursuing investigations and prosecutions against so many.

But concerning a senator who has, like a thief in the night, taken the husband and breadwinner of a family, the CBCP is silent. On an ex-presidentiable and cabinet secretaries who have aided in the disappearance of intenational financial aid for Yolanda victims, the CBCP is silent. On the burgeoning of the illegal drug trade during the PNoy administration, the CBCP is silent. On the hapless millions who are robbed, raped and murdered by drug addicts, the CBCP is still silent.


Clearly as has been the practice of organized religion, their voice in the pulpit belongs to those who can fill their Sunday coffers.
The CBCP is choking the Philippine spirit.
President Duterte and a handful of his hardworking cabinet secretaries cannot change the course of the entire nation. The destiny of the Philippines lies in the hands of every single Filipino who is ready, willing and able to be a partner for change. Let us save the Philippines. Be a part of the positive change.

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