by Dr. Lorraine T. Badoy

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The CA has deferred deciding on Sec Judy Taguiwalo’s status. And for quite awhile now, when they said “Fetch!”, why, we fetched. When they said “Roll over!”, of course we rolled over. Money we worked hard for was handed to them with zero accountability. Did we blink? Not even half a blink.

We were so asleep, so unaware of our own power and strength.

A whole nation waits with bated breath if the representatives will truly represent them, the Filipino people, and not think of their usual selfish interests. And therefore, will they finally heed our people’s cries-with-fists-in-the-air and confirm the Secretary for the DSWD that they think will serve Country faithfully?

But the powers-that-be– oh, I dunno — maybe they need to flex their muscles a little bit more – in case we need to be reminded who’s boss. So they let us wait and wait and wait. And I hear there is some insider trading going on. Etc etc

Ok lang. I’m a long distance runner. Patience in adversity is one of my stronger points. And the Filipino people? Have we not been likened to the carabao–patient, persevering?

We can bide our time. And in the meantime, a gathering storm is gaining strength.

We MUST remind those who have forgotten what must not be forgotten: that they are nothing more than our public servants–however much hot air has gotten between their ears.

There are so much more of us than them. And that if they are to remain relevant in our lives, they must be their best selves now.

I have an almost childlike belief in certain things: that love almost always wins out, that hatred is nothing compared to love.
And this too, I believe in: the formidability of an awakened citizenry.


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