Congress’ Unpopular Opinion Club might try to impeach PRRD, but they will fail

Congress’ Unpopular Opinion Club might try to impeach PRRD, but they will fail

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Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo has commented on the possible impeachment bid Congress minority members might attempt to push, calling it basically a long shot. Not in his own words, but that’s pretty much the message.

“How can a President be scared with impeachment? Impeachment is a numbers game. It’s super majority in the Congress,”  were Panelo’s actual words, which he said in a chance interview on Friday. Panelo was responding to whether he thought the Chief Executive’s anger in recent interviews shows fear of impeachment.

“Like what I’ve explained, he was incensed because he cannot understand why these people who are against his policies cannot understand and even visualize that what he is doing is for the good of the country. Papakamatay na nga iyong mama, hindi pa nila ma-appreciate. Kaya siya inis na inis (The man almost wants to kill himself and yet they still cannot appreciate his efforts. This is why he is really pissed off),” Panelo said.

Who else wouldn’t be angry or annoyed? The incessant buzzing of irrelevant, unpopular opinion mosquito Congress members about impeachment or ousting or whatever is tiring already. It’s distracting noise. It’s unproductive and

The recent rumors of an impeachment plot stem from the dumb notion that President Duterte is not protecting the nation’s resources by letting China fish in the disputed waters of the West Philippine Sea. The area is part of its Exclusive Economic Zone, as decided by the The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which China is not a signatory of. The area is not Philippine territory, no matter how you look at it.

Not only is there no basis for impeachment, there’s also no support for this ridiculous suggestion of impeachment. Critics, including former foreign affairs secretary Albert del Rosario, are just looking for some way to be relevant.

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