Cops deliver Jollibee meal after delivery guy’s accident


Cops deliver Jollibee meal after delivery guy’s accident

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A Dabawenya probably got the scare of her life when she saw a number of police officers right at her doorstep on the night of February 2. She was just waiting for a meal she had ordered from Jollibee when cops on board a mobile patrol pickup appeared.

What she didn’t know was that a few minutes before, the delivery guy carrying her food met a minor accident. Police were on the scene immediately to handle the situation.

But then a curious thing happened. In the middle of all that, the police officers realized that the person who ordered the Jollibee meal must be hungry already. So they did something that is nothing short of heroic: they set out to deliver the food themselves.

Netizen Dean Ortiz witnessed the scene and described it on his Facebook account:

We were on our way out of Palm Village when we saw cops aboard a Sta. Ana PS mobile patrol pickup driving slowly as if they were stalking a thief. A few meters away we saw another cop beside a Jollibee delivery bike doing the same while having a conversation with a village cabbie.

Out of curiosity, I asked the cop what was wrong. I even surmised that the bike was either stolen or was used to commit a crime.

So I asked. (Uzi lang ang peg)

He then told me that the delivery guy side swiped a kid while on his way to deliver his orders. So who drove the bike? He said he (the cop) did. And why? Dig this… They were there to locate the house who ordered the take outs thinking that they might already be starving. 🙂

These aren’t your everyday cops that we met earlier, neither are they unique to Davao City alone (I don’t want to sound biased). It joys me to realize that these men in uniform are going out of their way in the name of public service. Deeds, no matter how simple they may be if done out of tact and goodwill, for me, is more significant than the number of drug pushers arrested within a day.

What really bothers me though is how the customer reacted upon realizing that cops were outside his house, uniformed, with the strobe lights and all, saying “Jollibee Delivery!”.

I would have freaked out if I were in his shoes.

The customer herself shared what happened in a post that has already gone viral, with more than 2,000 share as of this posting:

Way to go, Davao City Police Office! You truly exemplify what it means to be of service to the people — way beyond the call of duty! 🙂

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