Crystal Age and the healing power of crystals

Crystal Age and the healing power of crystals

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crystal age, chelsea luckhamCrystal Age emerald earrings worn by Chelsea Luckham

Xavier Cortez started Crystal Age as a way to create awareness and appreciation of crystals and their healing properties. Every piece is one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted using a unique crystal or stone. Crystals are often used as jewelry, pocket-stones or tumble-stones, and as decorations.

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People feel strong sensations in the presence of crystals. Crystals are used in healing, divination, and self-representation. Their effects range from calming relief, to assured confidence, to contemplative harmony.

A crystals visually fascinating and technologically useful qualities derive from the way its atoms combine in what is called a crystal lattice; the most stable arrangement of atoms possible. The lattice repeats itself until there are no more free atoms available.

Many crystals, when compressed, transform and emit the kinetic energy as light or an electric charge. If an electric current is run into a crystal, the crystal expands in response to the energy input. The basis for the psychological effect of crystals is the way that crystals transform and resonate energy into different forms.

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When it comes to crystals, each has it’s own particular energy. If you’re looking for  just the right crystal for you, here’s are some of Crystal Age owner Xavier Cortez’s favorites:




Labradorite improves self-awareness, and enhances intuition. These abilities are hidden beneath what is seen in the everyday world like the labradorescence is hidden beneath the gray-green labradorite or black labradorite exterior.





Clear Quartz



Clear Quartz imparts benefits connected to facilitating the flow of communication and energy. Living life in harmony with the environment and other people is one of the more important clear quartz benefits.








Amethysts have a long history of helping people in a number of ways. These purple gems quiet the mind and help control addictions. Amethysts improve health and overall well-being, whether worn as jewelry, carried as a tumble-stone, or carved into a statuette.




Lapis Lazuli



Lapis lazuli promotes inner peace, honor, wisdom, truth, spirit and vision. Buddhists recommend Lapis lazuli stones for finding inner peace and dispeling negative thoughts. Lapis lazuli encourages good judgement and wisdom. The blue mineral rock can be especially helpful to attorneys, inventors, executives, journalists, psychologists and writers.




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