Davao city will not pay for drunk drivers

Davao city will not pay for drunk drivers

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Banners in DAvao City make it very clear - drunk drivers will not receive financial or medical assistance from the government.

Starting March 14 last year, the Davao City stopped paying the medical bills of drunk drivers and passengers who got injured as they violated the city’s laws.

The Lingap para sa Mahirap Program is an 18-year old community assistance program initiated by Davao City.  Constituents, particularly indigent families and members of indigenous groups, are provided with medical assistance, food supplements and burial assistance.

But the Lingap Program is done assisting anti-drunk driving violators.

According to the order issued by Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio in March last year which amended the coverage of the Lingap Program, “individuals who suffer injuries while committing a crime or an offense punishable under existing Philippine laws, rules, and regulations” do not qualify to receive assistance. So for almost a year now, the drunk drivers of the city have had no one to turn to or blame but themselves for injuries they may have sustained while breaking the law.

The order seems to have worked, or at least saved the city government enough funds to strengthen measures that would prevent drunk driving accidents at all.

The Davao City government on Monday turned over 20 motorcycles to the City Police Office (DCPO) and Task Force Davao (TFD) to increase their mobility and enable them to better crack down on drunk drivers.

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangers not just the driver and the occupants of their vehicle, but everyone else on the road. Mayor Duterte wants to avoid these accidents by catching violators of the city’s anti-drunk driving law before they can cause anyone harm.

“The 12 motorcycles will be going to the Traffic Group under the DCPO, they already have a coordination with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) on how to use the breathe analyzer, so they will go after those who will violate the anti-drunk driving law,” said Mayor Duterte.

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