Del Rosario is playing the victim even though he knew this would happen

Del Rosario is playing the victim even though he knew this would happen

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Former Department of Foreign Affairs Chief Albert del Rosario admitted to reporters upon his arrival back in Manila that he “sort of expected” that the whole incident with Hong Kong’s immigration could happen. What he means is that he deliberately used his diplomatic passport while knowing full-well that this is outside the rules, and now he’s playing the dumb victim of China’s “aggression”.

“I sort of expected that might happen. But I wasn’t sure and I wanted to test it. So we tested it and this is the result,” was Del Rosario’s exact statement to reporters.

He then, confusingly, followed up by saying that the Hong Kong airport authorities failed to give him a concrete answer as to why he was denied entry into the country.

“Every time I ask ‘What are we here for? Why are we being detained?’ Their response was it’s an immigration reason,” he said.

However, Del Rosario was actually being given the exact reason for his denial – immigration issues stemming from him using a diplomatic passport to try and enter Hong Kong with no authorization from the Philippines.

In the ultimate show of privilege, Del Rosario had the nerve to claim he was being prosecuted for his bravery or whatever he wants to call it for filing a case against China.

“Mainstream” media has been eager to eat up the story, but only from the angle of this being a defensive move by China against Del Rosario. Very little attention is given the abuse of privilege and if ever it’s mentioned, it’s a dismissal which places Del Rosario’s excuses and justifications above the law.

Del Rosario’s business in Hong Kong was an entirely private business matter. He is no longer serving or representing the Philippines and its people, which is why he is not entitled to use a diplomatic passport. What’s become obvious now is that the only person he’s ever served is himself and his only goal is his to forward his own agenda.

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