Desperate for negative news on Pres. Duterte, Rappler reduced to reporting on handshake handshake

Desperate for negative news on Pres. Duterte, Rappler reduced to reporting on handshake handshake

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Really, Rappler?

Rappler seems to be moving out of the media business and into manufacturing since their latest piece on the 34th ASEAN Summit is filled with nothing but fabricated drama.

Yes, its truly amazing how desperate Rappler is becoming to maintain its tiny grip on relevancy, even sacrificing whatever minuscule piece of journalistic integrity they ever once had in order to stretch a non-event into a 500 word article because it’s Duterte.

The entire article focuses on what? Duterte linking up last with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong thanks to them focusing on connecting to the other side? Or is it focusing on drumming up conflict where there is none, placing the Philippine President in an imagine state of embarrassment?

“At the opening of the 34th ASEAN Summit in Bangkok, the 10 leaders of ASEAN were extending their hands for the ASEAN handshake when Lee, who was standing beside Duterte, took a few steps away from the Philippine leader,” read the article. Nevermind that everyone was having difficulties with the handshake because it’s a double linking line of coordination. Nevermind that in the very video they embedded in their post, this is obviously not what happened.

But okay, that’s all we’re going to say about the handshake. Why? Because it’s not news. It’s not valuable information. It’s not even a story!

But what is news is how Rappler chose to report on non-existent conflicts. What’s even more interesting is how they chose to invent conflicts instead. The fact that they had to zero in on a two second moment and twist it so violently in the direction of their agenda just goes to show how utterly useless they are as “journalists”.

The 34th ASEAN Summit is the major event for the region. The talks and negotiations which occur here can decide the future of not just our country, but of all ASEAN member states. Surely, there must be something slightly more news worthy than a freaking handshake to report on.

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