Don’t get too excited about Time’s poll

Don’t get too excited about Time’s poll

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Don’t get your hopes up too high on President Rodrigo Duterte being chosen the most influential person in Time Magazine’s Time 100. At the most he will make it to the list, but I seriously doubt the magazine’s editors will actually let him land the number one spot given that they have already apparently judged him (Two of the magazine’s articles have placed Duterte in a bad light: and

And I wouldn’t place too much on the poll Time has created. I understand how it has excited a lot of people especially since Duterte is leading the pack at 4% (with Pope Francis, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and actress Emma Watson tied for second place at 3%), but as the magazine itself says:

Although TIME’s editors will choose the final list of honorees, we want readers to share their choices with us as well.”

In other words, the poll has no bearing on who the list will ultimately contain. The editors — most of whom I wager believe in the Philippine media’s biased reports against the President — will themselves make the list, and there is no indication that they actually will base their decision on the poll. They just “want readers to share their choices.”

I think it’s nothing more than a marketing ploy designed to drive up Time’s numbers so that it has something to show to its advertisers. Imagine the millions of hits it has had just in the past few days, and the millions more it will get until the poll closes on April 16. We may have just played into a media giant’s marketing scheme.

But while my fearless forecast is that Duterte will ultimately be eased out in favor of more palatable choices, we can at least show that our President enjoys huge support from Filipinos, and that Vice President Leni Robredo’s statement saying we feel “hopeless and helpless” is a total lie. So go ahead and vote and show the world how we really feel.

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