Doubt the clout: Luis Manzano gets defensive over his Yeezy’s

Doubt the clout: Luis Manzano gets defensive over his Yeezy’s

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Rule number one of social media is to never, ever, engage with the comments section unless it’s to thank your fans. For your haters, the silencce is its own response and, generally, it rings much louder than a reply. Apparently, though, no one told this to Luis Manzano. The 37 year old actor got into a full-on argument with a netizen over a post of his where he shows off a pair of shiny new Yeezy’s Supermoon Yellow. The shoes are part of the Yeezy collection, made by artist Kanye West, and fashion cult-favorites. Typically, they are both hard to cop and very expensive thanks to the brand’s limited releases. If you have a pair, you’d naturally want to show them off. The social media #OOTD game is a part of what makes the five digit (in pesos) sneakers worth it. But things went downhill for Manzano when netizen Red Garcia tagged an account in the comments section of the photo. The tagged account was @yeezybusta, a blogger who identifies fake designer and streetwear clothes posted on social media. This was enough to get Manzano in the mood for an argument. He fires back by tagging Garcia in the following comment: “Wag puro inggit sa katawan, magsikap lang kesa sa nega ka, mahirap gumigising araw araw ng inggit ang laman ng utak.” If anything, Manzano’s reaction seemed to fuel the idea that maybe his . The actor seemed more than a little triggered at the comment. Though this all went down in the comments section, it came to light when Garcia posted screenshots of the interaction as a photoset on Facebook which has since been shared nearly 20,000 times. Though the photoset includes screenshots of comments from fans of Manzano who go so far as to call him a ‘cancer on society’ (and matching comments to go with thee post on Facebook, Garcia seems to be the less affected party, even captioning the post “Ngayon lang ako ulit may naka away. Artista pa! HAHAHA”. The post quickly went viral. One tag led to Garcia’s career and family being called into question by the actor and his fans. Read the entire interaction in Garcia’s photos below and make your own judgement on who took things too far.  

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