What if Duterte had believed the mainstream media’s initial reports on the RWM incident?

What if Duterte had believed the mainstream media’s initial reports on the RWM incident?

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Let’s face it. If President Duterte had believed the initial reports of the mainstream media on the Resorts World Manila incident and declared martial law, these same media organizations would have been the first to condemn him for doing so. The giant networks and newspapers were so eager to link the attack to ISIS and to the Maute group that they threw caution to the wind and reported from basically nothing but speculation. It was like they were pressuring — or even shaming — Duterte into declaring martial law. And of course you know what they would have done if he had taken the bait: crucify him.

Here’s how I imagine things went down over at Rappler:

REPORTER: Ma’am, there’s a report of a shooting incident at Resorts World.
MARIA: It’s a terrorist attack!
REPORTER: We don’t know that yet ma’am.
MARIA: It’s a terrorist attack!
REPORTER: Ma’am, the police are still trying to contain the situation.
MARIA: It’s a terrorist attack! I know this because I have decades of experience in reporting these things!
REPORTER: But Ma’am…
MARIA: I wrote two books on the topic, for crying out loud!
REPORTER: I’ll report that there’s a shooting incident and that no one knows exactly what’s happening at this moment.
MARIA: No! Tell the world it’s a terrorist attack! It’s ISIS!
REPORTER: But ma’am we don’t know that for sure…
MARIA: Hello??? Expert talking here. Two books, remember???
REPORTER: But we could cause a panic…
MARIA: That’s our duty!!!
REPORTER: But… but…
MARIA: It’s a terrorist attack!!!






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