by Nelson Navarro

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The unexpected consequence of the fight against the Marcos dictatorship is the resulting addiction to coup d’etat or extra-legal means to settle political disputes. Cory Aquino’s shaky reign turned it into a fetish, a sad joke that never lifted the country from the Marcos nightmare. Ramos was spared because he coddled his military clique and played trapo politics with the rest. As for Estrada, Ramos, Cory and Sin gave the same wallop they used against Marcos. They installed GMA and when she refused to play ball they subjected her to nine roller-coaster years that almost led to her downfall with the Hello Garci affair. Ah, Aquino II’s best insurance was that he completely submitted to US and oligarch dictation that his chosen successor and the team mate would have added 16 years to the nation’s humiliation.

Duterte? He was their bad karma after 60 years of utter submission to American will. He refused to play patsy and his contempt was too impolite and fiery for promdi outsiders supposed to kowtow and bend. Not even Marcos got the savage treatment from meddling foreigners and the local sore losers. They ridiculed and libeled him with impunity, all but called for coups and insurrections. But there are no takers. None credible or viable. So far. What to do? Keep charging at the hard wall or give the man a chance for a change? Or persist in being ridiculous? Methinks the old game is no more.

The Establishment knows it must meet halfway or perish. But will the man settle for half a loaf when he could push history to where it ought to be rightfully headed?. Already we hear of cancer of the throat, some deathly illness where malice and guns have not worked. The desperation stuns you because those folks are no pikers and have dealt with the devil himself all these years. But they have no more clothes and many know that naked truth.

Duterte must smell by now that they will never go gently into the night. There is no good night for those who betrayed and robbed the nation blind from Day One of its fight for freedom.

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