Duterte visits cancer patients in Davao City

Duterte visits cancer patients in Davao City

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DAVAO CITY, August 11, 2017 – President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday graced the thanksgiving and open house of the Southern Philippines Medical Center-Children’s Cancer Institute (SPMC-CCI) and expressed appreciation to its hospital administration for improving its facilities.

“I am very proud of the administration, kay doktora, kay doktor and the members… ang ganda ng building ninyo. This is the modern trend actually,” the President said.

In his speech, Duterte reiterated his desire to reinvent the government’s system, saying there will never be peace in Mindanao or even in the country if the government would not shift to federal structure.

He explained that federalism would evenly distribute the wealth across the country, including the provinces which are having a hard time contributing enormous amounts of money.

The President, meanwhile, reminded the Commission on Audit (COA), Ombudsman, and the Congress to repeal the procurement law which gives priority to the lowest bidder.

He added that the corruption will start there and that nothing will happen in the lives of the Filipinos if that will continue.

“Kasi ibigay pa niya doon sa mga nag-bid, magbigay pa siya ng mga engineer sa gobyerno, magbigay pa doon sa mga congressman, sali ang mayor. Eh sabi ko walang mangyari nitong buhay natin,” he said.

He also considered corruption as “cancer” and the “most insidious one” in the society.

“Maraming pera ang gobyerno basta huwag lang nakawin at gamitin,” the President added.

Prior to his visit to SPMC, President Duterte attended the blessing of Matina Enclaves Residences in Davao City.

The President reiterated his stance against corruption in the government, adding that the rule applies to all, even to his family.

He also said he will honor his promise to the people that his administration will be free of corruption. PND

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