Duterte’s Law and Justice

Duterte’s Law and Justice

Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky
President Duterte started his administration on the ground not just running but sprinting. Major positive overhauls and treatments were immediately implemented to our ailing national government. He has been firm without being despotic and tender without being weak. He has answered his mandate without overstepping the boundaries of the law. Even in exigencies, he waits for the proper agencies and branches of government to grant him the necessary leeway or auxiliary powers to extend his control over any situation. He will not bribe you with pork. That must be rooted on his strong Mindanaoan nature. In the face of bomb threats and devastation, he has a steady hand in governance and does not wantonly disregard the rights of the people. So if and when our country needs it as a last resort, a Martial Law under Duterte will be the right choice. He is a man we can trust.
A mighty schism threatened the Dutertistas when the president made good with his campaign promise of allowing the late dictator’s burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB). The fear was palpable that the sufferings of many will be forgotten, that the gains in courtrooms will be cast asunder, and that justice will be buried in the past.
The call to expedite the lawful release of this long awaited partial victory for the victims of the Marcoses issues a clear statement. At all times, our lawyer-mayor-president will never stray from justice, from the law. He will mete out the harsh and the fair, the controversial and the tepid as is his mandate.
The law says the late FEM may be buried in the LNMB. So he granted it. The law, likewise, accorded the victims of the Martial Law a sum to give back a tiny fraction of what they lost. He now demands it be so.
All this is merely a reiteration of a covenant he made with the country at his inauguration. There he said, “I have no friends to help and no enemies to harm.”
So it is so. Finally, here is a president who stands by the entire body of the law.

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