Egco: PNA saboteur has been identified

Egco: PNA saboteur has been identified

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By Lorenz Tanjoco

Philippine News Agency (PNA) supervising Undersecretary Joel Egco today said he already has the name of the person behind the sabotage of the government news agency.

In an interview, Egco said he conducted an investigation after some news items in the PNA website showed editorial notes in the headings.

He said the saboteur accessed the old system and purposely uploaded the headings with the editorial notes in order to embarrass or destroy the PNA.

Egco said when the saboteur tried to access the system once more, investigators were able to determine that his location was in Pasay City through the IP address he used.

He gave assurance that now that the saboteur has been identified, the full force of the law will be applied to him.

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