Sen. JV Ejercito calls Trillanes “rabid” and “disrespectful,” wants ethics committee to conduct probe

Sen. JV Ejercito calls Trillanes “rabid” and “disrespectful,” wants ethics committee to conduct probe

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Senator JV Ejercito is calling on the Senate ethics committee to conduct a probe into what he calls the disrespectful and unparliamentary behavior of Sonny Trillanes. According to Sen. Ejercito, Trillanes’ actions, which comes from his rabidly anti-Duterte stance, is not only damaging to the Senate but is also destructive for the country.

Trillanes is widely known for actively waging a campaign to discredit President Duterte after the then-mayor of Davao City rejected an offer to be Trillanes’ running mate in the 2016 presidential elections.

Since Duterte assumed the presidency, Trillanes has been active in trying to remove him from office. He was part of the group that initiated a failed impeachment complaint in congress. And has even gone so far as to invite foreign intervention via a case Trillanes filed against Duterte in the International Criminal Court.

Public opinion, particularly on social media, is strongly against Trillanes and his political allies. A fact reflected in the plummeting approval numbers for alleged vice president Leni Robredo, the politician who stands to gain most if Trillanes’ plots succeed.

Below is the full text of the official statement from Sen. JV Ejercito:

I find the recent statements of Senator Trillanes disrespectful and unparliamentary. He should be reminded that as a democratic institution, we, in the Senate debate issues instead of hurling insults; we vote instead of calling each other names when we disagree.

We have 23 independent minds duly elected in the Senate. But even when we disagree on a number of issues, we maintain our respect for one another. I hope Senator Trillanes would do the same. I hope he will stop destroying this democratic institution simply because he is rabidly against this administration.

Maybe it is high time that we refer to the Senate Ethics Committee Sen. Trillanes’ actions since he is becoming damaging to the institution and becoming destructive to the country.

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