On the end of Moro rebels’ struggle against the government

On the end of Moro rebels’ struggle against the government

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I am crying over breakfast yet again. Why must President Duterte do this to me almost every day. The long suffering and strife of yet another long forsaken segment of society have ended and begun its healing.

Today, another social and economic reform by the Duterte administration has started to fix an egregious wrong that has been the reality of Filipinos in the rural areas and those who have joined the rebels.

Most of the rebels and guerilla forces took to their armed struggle because of the indifference, disdain and impunity of the government. They have lived in abject poverty and deprivation subjugated and cast asunder by those whose jobs it it is to serve them.

Land. Wages. Employment. Opportunities. A decent life. All of these things have been taken from the ordinary Filipinos by the greedy and corrupt oligarchy and their puppets in government.

But in the time of Digong, this is slowly coming to an end. The plight of the everyday Filipinos is front and center. It is a government who has taken on the yoke of the forgotten and offered them redemption. It is a government which finally is for all Filipinos.


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