Her Exce-Leni-isms

a practical guide to politics from the current VP Leni robredo

Her Exce-Leni-isms

Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky
In the absence of any real and tangible accomplishments, the VP has graciously shared through the media her practical approach to politics. These are heuristic in character. Their applications, though, seem to end in no particular movement beyond what everyone knew before hearing them.
1) Poverty is the main problem of the poor.
2) Pro-poor is fighting the eradication of poverty. Obviously.
3) Excessive bureaucracy or red tape is the cause of the delays (e.g. Yolanda housing).
4) Opposition means to oppose only that which you do not agree with.
5) Holding one board meeting makes you the hardest working HUDCC chair. Ever.
6) Trekking, ribbon cutting, receiving awards, going for pictorials, and attending parties are achievements in housing and urban development. (One must be extremely shy and reticent to consider socializing work)
7) Talking about your knees is offensive but being touched on your shoulders, chin, hair and hands are not.
8) As a lawyer, press releases are the best course of action in defeating the problems of the nation.

If anyone learned anything from these statements, then CHED has their work cut out for them. Clearly.

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