Fake Bong Go twitter fools “journalist” Maria Ressa

Fake Bong Go twitter fools “journalist” Maria Ressa

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Maria Ressa, the new face of Philippine press freedom for some reason, seems to have forgotten the basics of journalism. Ressa, who was arrested last Wednesday on charges of cyber libel, went into full defensive mode against a Bong Go twitter account that fired shots in her direction.

Except the account Ressa responded to and the tweets that she reacted so violently against were all fake accounts not at all associated with Former Special Assistant to the President Bong Go.

How do we know this and Ressa didn’t? Simple: we actually bothered to make the single click on the username of the “Bong Go” account. This led us to the profile page of @sap_bong_go, where the “unofficial” label was proudly displayed right in the bio.


So it seems the award-winning journalist Maria Ressa failed to exert even a modicum of effort to fact-check own reaction.

Here’s what happened:

The (fake) Bong Go account (unofficial) tweeted:


Which Ressa took as a personal attack. She retaliated with:


Which the (not real) Bong Go (see: not actually Bong Go) thought was hilarious since he replied with:


And that’s it.

But it may not be Ressa’s fault – see, even the news site Politiko fell for it. There may be something in the water today.

Politiko covered yesterday’s twitter exchange in a post titled “Bong Go chides unnamed Duterte critic: Lakas makabanat banyaga naman!”.  They too,sadly, failed to notice that the @sap_bong_go twitter account is Not! Bong! Go!

So in sum: yesterday, Maria Ressa tired herself out defending herself to a fake account that, honestly, never even mentioned her directly in the first place and then today another news site covered the exchange as if it actually meant something since they too failed to notice the account disclaiming itself.


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