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Much like most of his attempts to strike down his perceived opponents and score a victory for himself, Falcis once again bottoms out. With his signature ignorance and poor command of language, he tries and fails to score a two-pronged attack on MOCHA and the president.

1) his tabloid fiction, sexual conspiracy holds no water. There simply isn’t anything linking the two nor anyone dumb enough to believe this.

2) PRRD is not a woman. The denotative meaning of the term nymphomaniac is a woman with uncontrollable sexual urges.

So, …

The public has yet to see a singular moment when Falcis comes up with a logical, coherent or even just entertaining accusation against PRRD and his supporters. Until then, I do not recommend holding our breaths as surely our asphyxiation will come sooner than a spark of intelligence does from him.

3) I just want to add this so I do not need to create a separate post on this issue. Call it prophylactic or preemptive. PRRD is not a plunderer. The Php 3million annual or Php 150k/monthly increase in his SALN sensationalized by soon to be extinct mainstream media outlets has been clearly explained away by Edwin Jamora. Until another accountant comes forward to offer a damning analysis or evidence, this stands.

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