The fall of the Philippine senate – and the rise of the idiots

The fall of the Philippine senate – and the rise of the idiots

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It used to be that the senate was the hall of statesmen – the giants of Philippine politics. Where each and every session day, matters of great importance to the lives of every Filipino were discussed, deliberated on, and debated with much care and eloquence.

Filipinos looked up to the members of this august body with respect and admiration, not only for who they were, but more importantly for what they stood for. They represented the highest and purest ideals of what a Filipino politician should be.

But if you look at the senate now, that is clearly not the case.

Instead of the Dioknos, Salongas, and Tañadas of the past – we have been cursed with complete idiots like Drilon, Hontiveros, and Trillanes who are given free reign to spout their nonsense each and every fucking day. And on live television no less.

The senate has degenerated into nothing more than a political version of the Real Housewives, a reality show that is all about flaunting money and power, and acting like a total bitch in front of the cameras.

These overpaid, self-important government employees are so full of themselves it is a wonder how their egos can all fit into that building. All that collective hot air should be enough to power a small city for a hundred years. And that’s not even counting the oil we can refine if we just boil down Drilon’s fat and scrape all that gunk from Trillanes’ hair. We may even be able to join OPEC.

But seriously, while many argue that in a democracy the people get exactly the kind of politicians they deserve, a significant amount of blame must also be laid on the feet of the media who have willingly aided and abetted the deception that has been perpetrated on the voters election after election.

This unholy alliance of crooked politicians and the crooked media is what has kept the Filipino voter in the dark for all these years. It has allowed the worst kinds of people to rise to the pinnacles of power. And stay there for as long as their bank accounts would sustain them.

Just take a look at these so-called senate investigations. Fucking circuses complete with a coiffured monkey, a dancing (when it is awake) pig, and a mime to preside over the whole thing. Everyone knows that these glorified photo op sessions are nothing more than a waste of taxpayer money. But they persist because the media continues to give these “senators” a platform to strut and preen in front of the public.

Never mind that the senate is not a courthouse and has no business acting like one. Especially when most of its members wouldn’t even be able to figure out which end of the gavel to stick up their ass.

Never mind that these investigations normally don’t amount to much more than the recycle value of the paper their reports are printed on.

Never mind that the we are all sick and tired of listening to the same worthless drivel from people who have nothing better to do than act holier than everyone else. Even though they reek of corruption from a mile away.

Never mind all these, just so long as the media is willing to cover it and broadcast this shit – these senators will continue to hold them. Because that is what they do, that is who they are, and that is how they want it to be. And the rest of the country can go fuck themselves for all they care.

It used to be that people were in awe of Senators, now they just go ‘ewww’

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