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The wealth of history and the history of wealth used by the church and church leaders to manipulate governments and nations that have caused the suffering and oppression of people are a story as old as time. Organized religion has always had its fingers in governance protecting its vested interests and personal stakes. Spiritual enlightenment are lost whispers against the cacophony corruption. Theirs is a dark idolatry of the mundane and material masked in metaphors of the metaphysical.

Pharisees and Sadducees paid for the death of the man who threatened to loosen their stranglehold on the Jews and Jewish politics. And this murder is commemorated annually during the season known as Lent. This celebration of the betrayal committed by religious leaders for power is a recurring theme in organized religion.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has consistently played a key role in destabilizing government. Duly, democratically elected presidents have been the target of these vainglorious and perfidious men of the cloth. They have no respect for the law that clearly states the inviolable separation of church and state. They do not even believe that vox populi, vox Dei (the voice of the people is the voice of God). They listen to only two masters, greed and vanity.

Sin was the first to inflict upon the Philippines an Aquino in Malacañang. Through his perfumed words, he ensnared the minds of a nation aching to break free from the yoke of oligarchy. But we were, all of us, deceived. For in the wake of a red tyrant, a yellow plague took the nation. Where a mighty tree stood, which stunted the growth of the underbrush that is the ordinary Filipino, a rabid and malevolent blight overtook it. The corruption exponentially increased as did the suffering of the entire nation. Only the yellow coterie and its sycophants survived along with the Sin that started it all.

Bacani came next. After scandals broke of his sexual misdeeds, he left the church. He and the rest of the CBCP have swept under the carpet of sanctimonious babbling and religious bureaucracy the hateful treachery of of his licentious life. The shame of his exit seemingly forgotten, he once again joined the fora of national discourse using the President Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs as a platform to regain his diminished stature in society. But the meek and the humble in spirit no longer blindly follow the hypocritical liars who talk holy but hollow truths while willfully living in sin and folly.

Today, Lingayen’s Socrates Villegas has been spewing and vomiting vitriolic verses of self-serving judgment against the state. His partisan politics and vested economic interests have been staining the pulpits of Catholic churches and schools since President Duterte decided to derogate the patrons and true masters of the church, the oligarchs. He claims a moral ascendancy which the CBCP never earned nor exhibited through deed and action. He grasps at wisps of self-deluded greatness not knowing that this and money have sown the seeds of damnation in the heart of an institution that was meant to offer salvation. Now, his machinations to destabilize the government has become another age of darkness in local church history. And we, the 91%, shall remember how Villegas’ vanity led to the fall of the CBCP.

The days of blind submission to the church while being bludgeoned by their political patrons are fast becoming a memory. A thriving society of thinkers and inquirers are replacing dull and intellectually destitute one of the past. We have taken the reins of our own destiny away from those who would see us suffer amd die for their own selfish ends. The 91% is no longer beholden to the CBCP. Faith has been restored to the universe, to fate and to god. These proud men in blood stained robes are fallen, felled by the sword of truth. They can no longer lead us astray, these false prophets.

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