Filipino boy shields mother cat in labor from deadly typhoon

Filipino boy shields mother cat in labor from deadly typhoon

- in Philippines
Image by Linus Escandor.

Flashback to 2015 – Typhoon Egay is slamming into the Philippines, bringing heavy rain and fierce winds. But as Metro Manila begins flooding and people run for shelter, one brave boy stands right by the breakwater of Manila Bay to help out a poor stray cat caught in labor.

Photos of the young boy have recently resurfaced, calling attention again to his selflessness and kindness in the middle of the natural disaster. The photos were taken by Linus Escandor.

The boy holds a plastic sheet over a mother cat, effectively being the only thing standing between the poor stray and certain death at the hands of the storm.

The boy, whose name is still unknown, let his blue shirt and bright yellow shorts get soaked with rain as he protected the mother cat from the downpour.

His care for the animal is obvious – in the photos, it seems that his own safety and well-being is of secondary concern.

The stray cat and her kittens were later rescued by a local animal welfare group. Whatever happy life these kitties have is all thanks to the kindness and selflessness of this little boy.

Hopefully, the goodness he’s put out into the world comes back to him soon.

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