Filipinos are joining the Flat Earth Movement

Filipinos are joining the Flat Earth Movement

- in Philippines
A Filipino flat-Earthers gathering. Image from Facebook.

The Flat Earth movement is gaining popularity in the Philippines.

One place where Pinoy Flat Earthers gather is a Facebook Group called ‘Philippine Flat Earth Society (Certified FE Group). They groups’s description says that it is “Certified by the United Council of the Philippine Flat Earth Community”, suggesting a wider structure and network of Flat Earther’s beyond the members of the group. The group also says it’s comprised of members who represent different ‘chapters’ of believers spread across the country.

Nearly two thousand strong, members use the space to discuss the theory of Flat Earth, share memes and post videos supporting their views. The group also provides its members with the opportunity to arrange local meetings. These appear to have good attendance.

Members of the group appear to be mostly male millennials, with some American expats.

Critics who somehow enter the group are quickly dismissed and kicked out. Members will also throw out a few choice insults to the ‘non-believer’, such as “globetard”, “globehead”, “curvert” and “illuminatipuppets”.

Flat Earth Theory’s underlying belief is that the world is flat. Confirmation of this theory is mainly theological. Believers of the theory will cite bible verses or passages of the Holy Al Quran.

Atheist members of the group cite ‘scientific’ reasons for their theory.

“If Earth really was a globe, airline pilots would constantly have to adjust their controls so as not to fly off into space. If Earth really was a sphere hurtling through space, the water would be wobbling all over the place, instead of staying flat.” wrote a member of the group called Steven Paul.

Different cultures at different times of their histories have tried to explain the world as they observed it, with many settling on a theory of a flat Earth. These beliefs were common in ancient civilizations and “pre-state” cultures.

However, by Aristole’s time the theory of a spherical Earth was common and the flat Earth was no longer considered correct. Nowadays, the term ‘Flat Earth’ is synonymous to wrongness and believers in it are considered follower’s of the internet’s strangest conspiracy theory.

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