Five days of bliss in Chiang Mai (Day 5)


Five days of bliss in Chiang Mai (Day 5)

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Usual comments on your last day on vacation or a trip would sound something like, “Time flew by so fast.” This trip didn’t feel like that for me. Somehow, this laid-back city gave me more hours, and one day felt like two days in the sense that if I was in one place and moved to another, it would feel like two days already. Just sooooo much time in the world and this is something that I enjoyed thoroughly because life in Bangkok is always, always fast-paced — if not fast and furious.

Ending the last chapter of my Chiang Mai book made me look back at my photos and recall each memory. What really stood out for me are the following:

1. People in Chiang Mai know what it means to chill, and that reflected a lot in their personality. All the locals I met and befriended exuded that vibe. They are genuinely nice and not in a rush to get over this tourist. Even the drivers. It almost felt like there was a speed limit even if there was none. Green traffic light? No one seemed to care. It was hilarious! I can’t help but always compare scenarios to our life in Bangkok.

2. The sky in Chiang Mai is a beautiful fresh blue and I say that because when you look at it, a feeling of freshness washes over you. It’s the kind of blue I dont get to see in Bangkok and definitely not the kind of freshness. You get whiffs of fresh air even when in the city. A li’l more out of downtown and you get more than that. Or maybe it’s because I visited at the right time of the year? 🙂

3. There is a coffee shop on literally almost every corner, bend, and nook, and probably two in one street. Sorry but I’m not a coffee drinker so even if i noticed that, it’s something I couldn’t appreciate. I drank a cup on my first day and ended up with a sleepless night. Hahahaha bad decision.

4. I love trees. And there were sooooo many beautiful trees that caught my eye in and out of the city. But there were a few during the bike tour that made me miss a shot because I was driving through traffic. I could actually create an album entirely for trees! Hmmmmmm good idea! i think i will, one day 🙂

Last day is focused on my daughter, spending time with her and her schoolmates, rejoicing with her when she was awarded for some of her works (which she worked hard on) and finally treating her to something she’s always wanted to see (include me in that): PANDAS!!! (Again, click on any photo for a slide show.)

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