Five things to quit right NOW for a happier life

Five things to quit right NOW for a happier life

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People are always asking to be happy. Yet many of us sabotage our own happiness with these five common mistakes. So if you really want to live a life of blissful positivity, ditch these bad habits pronto and start being happy.

1. Trying to please everybody. This never works. And most of the time it just makes everyone miserable. Know who you are, what you can do, and what you just wont accept in life. And stick with that. People who love and care for you will understand. And those who don’t, those who insist that you change who you are for them – well you can tell them to fuck off. You don’t need those kind of people around you. Learn to be happy with who you are, and stop living your life for other people.

2. Fearing change. Change is just another word for evolution. Change is good because it allows us to grow. It allows us to be better than who we were yesterday, or a second ago. Change makes us bigger, stronger, faster. Change comes from learning from understanding our past, and learning from our mistakes.

3. Living in the past. For many people the past is a minefield bad memories and regrets. It isn’t a pleasant place to visit, let alone live in. So move on, and move forward. Use the past as a reference point, but live in the moment, with an eye towards a better future.

4. Hanging around people that put you down. Friendship is a good thing, but many people are bad at it. Learn to recognize true friends – they’re the ones that make you better. They are there for you when you are at your lowest. They don’t judge you for your mistakes. And even their silence is comforting.

5. Overthinking your life. It’s never a good thing go through life worrying about every little detail. You’ll just end up missing the beauty and majesty of the forest by focusing on individual trees. Avoid analysis paralysis by learning to embrace even those things that you cannot control. Take things as they come, and not as you hope them to be.

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