Franco Mabanta brilliantly demolished Leni Robredo in just six minutes

Franco Mabanta brilliantly demolished Leni Robredo in just six minutes

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Much has been said about Leni Ronredo’s controversial proposal to follow the example of Portugal and decriminalize drug use in the country. The argument has raged hot and cold, and hot again depending on who is doing the talking.

I’ve heard and listened to countless debates about the pros and cons of the idea, with – and I may be more than a bit biased about this – the cons mostly making more sense. But one of the most succinct explanations of why Leni’s proposal is so fucked up comes from my friend Franco Mabanta who, in just six minutes completely demolishes Robredo that there’s not much left even to wipe the floor with.

Franco drives a stake to the heart of Leni’s stupidity (and gives it a twist for good measure) by emphasizing the fact that while Portugal’s problem has to do with heroin the Philippines is dealing with a crisis in shabu addiction. One makes you sleep, and the other makes you want to kill people and eat their hearts for breakfast.

“You know how crazy it is. How terrifying it will be to have meth addicts legally free to run around the streets of Metro Manila? That is so fucking stupid.”

Watch the full video here to see Franco take on the alleged vice president – and demolish her.

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