Fun diving in Davao Gulf

Fun diving in Davao Gulf

Underwater scenes like you've never seen before!

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The beauty of living in a tropical country is that whatever the season, we can always go to the beach.

Last month, I organized the first ever “Open Boat” which is basically an open invitation to anybody interested in joining a day tour out at the Davao Gulf with the main purpose of enjoying the ocean in the most natural way possible, either snorkeling, skin diving or free diving.

Surprised by the number of millennials also interested in enjoying the ocean’s underwater beauty, one of the participants, Joshua Abella, came up with a lovely video to capture the day’s adventure. The dive/snorkeling sites we went to were Angels Cove, Mansud Wall and Coral Garden all nearby Talicud Island in Davao Gulf.


*Music used: Space Between Us by Ellusive

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