Why is Gavira lecturing the Philippines on drug war when Colombia’s cocaine problem is getting worse?

Why is Gavira lecturing the Philippines on drug war when Colombia’s cocaine problem is getting worse?

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A new report from the White House has revealed that the coca production in Colombia has surged to levels unseen in two decades of US eradication efforts. And this while that idiot Cesar Gavira insists on lecturing the Philippines on how to conduct its own campaign against the illegal drug trade.

According to the report, “cultivation of the plant used to make cocaine rose 18% last year from 2015, with officials in the Andean nation estimating 188,000 hectares (465,000 acres) of Colombian land now contained coca crops.”

That area is bigger than all the commercial banana plantations in the Philippines. That is bigger than the whole of Metro Manila and Laguna combined. And still Cesar Gavira wants to tell President Duterte how best to combat the drug menaces.

The unprecedented rise in coca production comes that the heels of a peace accord between the Colombian government and the country’s biggest rebel movement, which calls on them to “renounce drug trafficking and work with the government to replace coca plants with alternative crops.”

Apparently some quarters took this as a license to grow coca in the hopes of being getting some incentives from the government to cut them down as part of the accord. And these are the people who want to tell us how to conduct our own business? I’d say thanks, but no thanks. We would rather do it our way than follow your, shall we say, less than stellar example.

And for those who might be thinking that this is a new thing, here’s a fun fact for you – cocaine production in Colombia was already on the rise as early as 2013 and has steadily risen every year since.

This means that if Gavira really knew what he was talking about when he decided to weigh in on our domestic affairs, he would have had ample time to do something about it in his own country. The fact that he failed just goes to show that this guy doesn’t know shit. He talks a big game but when it comes to actually showing results he doesn’t have squat to back it all up.

Contrast this to the success we’ve had in our own campaign against the illegal drug trade that was allowed to flourish unhampered during the past administration and Colombia should be taking lessons from us. More than a million drug users who have voluntarily entered into rehab, billions of pesos worth of illegal drugs seized and destroyed, tens of thousands of pushers arrested, countless gang operations disrupted, and this is not even mentioning the controversial killings that critics of the President have zeroed in on.

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