Global magazine Monocle says all domestic help MUST be Filipinos, defends stand

Global magazine Monocle says all domestic help MUST be Filipinos, defends stand

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The Monocle is a global magazine that covers global affairs, business, culture, design, and apparently ignorant (see: racist) comments about Filipinos.

Instagram user and Monocle reader Katrina Cornelio posted stories of an article posted in the June 2019 issue of the Monocle which featured a really, truly unnecessary description. The article in question discussed the pros of a luxury van for shuttling around elite members of Hong Kong. Particularly, the van (a Toyota Alphard) has enough space to seat multiple family members and still have room to spare for your Filipino helpers.

Image from Katrina Cornelio Instagram.

Not only that, but an email sent by Cornelio to the Editor-in-Chief of Monocle, Tyler Brule, confirmed that the snooty publication actually stood by their ignorance.

Image from Katrina Cornelio Instagram.

Now, it is a fact that thousands of Filipinos have found a home in Hong Kong as domestic helpers. They are working their fingers to the bone to send back money to their family. They are modern-day heroes. The piece by Monocle is saying that helpers MUST be Filipino and whoever is reading their out-of-touch piece MUST NOT be a Filipino, because all Filipinos in Hong Kong are working class.

We will tell it like it is as well – Monocle included an entirely unnecessary descriptor in their article that served no other purpose than to put Filipinos down. The piece would have been entirely the same without the stab at our OFWs. Lastly, here is a detail we feel is important – Monocle and their Tyler Brule are assholes.

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