#GlobeColdplay is still our hymn for the weekend

#GlobeColdplay is still our hymn for the weekend

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From the success of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour came another unbeaten act, Coldplay in Manila! Globe, together with MMI Live, brought another world-class act and made over 36,000 fans’ dreams come true as the British rock icons made a stop in the Philippines for their A Head Full of Dreams tour.

Last April 4, at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, Coldplay dreamers definitely went Up&Up in happiness the whole night, singing along to Coldplay’s latest and classic hits.

We are not yet over this mind-blowing event and here are the top 5 unforgettable highlights:

1. Chris Martin made a song on the spot for Manila.
Chris Martin made a song especially for Coldplay fans in Manila on the spot. Can you believe it?! Here’s a copy of the lyrics:

I’m so happy that we are here today
Even though thousands of you are so far away
It feels like you can’t see jack
It’s two miles from the front to the back
But we’ve been touring “A Head Full of Dreams”
Now we’ve made it to the Philippines
I’d tell you that the crowd’s such a thrilla
They’re all killer, no filler
I’d tell you that the crowd is a thriller
Just listen to how they sound in Manila
Oh with love, we are touring “A Head Full of Dreams”
Now we’ve made it to the Philippines
Oh, just listen to the way the crowd screams!

2. Coldplay sang ‘Ink’!
From their 2014 Album, Ghost Stories, Coldplay sang their hit ‘Ink’ for the first time in their “A Head Full of Dreams” Tour. Everyone in the open grounds sang along with Chris Martin during this glorious moment.

3. 36,000 bracelets, lit the place “Up&Up”!
Imagine this much people singing along to all of Coldpay’s songs with lighted bracelets? If you’re one of these people, you definitely made history.

4. Celebrities spotted at the #GlobePlatinum VIP Lounge:
Local celebrities and personalities were seen hanging out in the #GlobePlatinum VIP Lounge. Spot your favorites!

5. Guess what Chris Martin said in the end!
“I promise you we’ll come back!”

People went crazy when Chris Martin said they’ll be back! Everyone’s gunning for another round of an Adventure of a Lifetime with Coldplay.

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