Golden rule

Golden rule

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He or she who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind.

By now, Sen. Grace Poe must be full of regret she missed out on this proverb while she was out of the country.

Poe received a mouthful from President Rodrigo Duterte after the senator admonished the president for his foul mouth.

“Style na niya yan pero syempre pag ikaw ay pinapakinggan ng mga bata, gagayahin. Sang-ayon ba tayo doon…basta alam na niya anong tama or mali so paalala lang,” Poe reminded Duterte after the president lashed out at his predecessor.

The Duterte tirade against ex-President Benigno Aquino III was triggered by the latter’s comment that “nothing happened” during the former’s war against drugs in his first year.

At first glance, Poe’s remark looked harmless, even appropriate given her seeming concern for children’s sensitivities.

And yet, there is more underneath Poe’s “motherhood statement” as Duterte called it.

First, Poe is obviously nitpicking, calling the president to task for his inappropriate choice of words while disregarding the former president’s incompetence and accountability as far as fighting illegal drugs is concerned.

Where was Poe all the time that Aquino was sleeping on his job? Where was she when narco-politicians were cavorting with drug lords that pushed the country towards the edge?

While drug-crazed zombies terrorized neighborhoods and tore families apart, Poe waltzed with PNoy hoping that she would be the anointed one in 2016.

When PNoy failed to do that, choosing Mar Roxas to whom Gen. Marcelo Garbo reported instead, Poe decided to join the Sen. Chiz Escudero train.

And yet, many doubted if there was indeed a falling out between Poe and Aquino. There were those who suspected she was Aquino’s Plan B in case the fantasized Roxas rally failed.

We all know what happened. The best parties that money can buy did not stand a chance against perhaps the most disorganized campaign and yet massively popular candidate from the south.

Poe should have taken that as a sign to shape up. Indications show she didn’t.

The hearings on the proposed emergency powers, which is neither here nor there until this time, did not escape Duterte’s eagle eyes and he noted that in his second Sona.

Poe tries to style herself as a maverick, sticking with the majority and the perks it provides, while hitting Duterte at the slightest opportunity.

You don’t make that mistake with Duterte. Either you’re on board, or you’re not.

“Grace, nakinig ka man. Nagmumura na ako noong kampanya, sobra pa. Double the vulgarity and everything. Alam na ng tao iyan. Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao na nagmumura ako. Ngayon, masama ang bunganga ko, masama ang ugali ko. Nag-eleksiyon tayo. Eh saan ka pinulot?” Duterte shot back at her.

Valid point. But there was more.

“My mouth is not for your mouth. If you want to wash your mouth every day, do it. Huwag mo akong pakialaman kasi ako nagmumura talaga noon pa. Tapos when you hear that, motherhood statement ka kaagad. Eh lahat naman tayo may depekto eh. Eh ikaw anong depekto mo? Ikaw ang lakas mong manigarilyo, hindi alam ng Filipino ang lakas mong uminom ng brandy, totoo lang. Iyan ang sikreto, ako walang sikreto, binubuga ko lahat,” Duterte added.

If she, or her handlers, thought Duterte will take potshots sitting down, she thought wrong.

The president is not saying he should not be criticized, as some make it appear to be.

Rather, those who do should be prepared to take as much as they give.

It’s nothing new. It’s what many understand as the golden rule.

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